Canadian Retail Fuel Dispenser Test Equipment

The VRTM®System consists of Special Prover (EESS0020L-VRTM) and Special Funnel (E810030-VRSF) that must be used together to meet Canadian requirements.

Measurement Canada Recognized Retail Fuel Dispenser Test Equipment

The following listed equipment have been evaluated by Measurement Canada for accuracy performance when used to perform inspection of gasoline or diesel retail fuel dispensers. The evaluation of the equipment includes repeatability, linearity and stability. Equipment other than closed loop equipment have been evaluated for effects due to vapor loss when used on gasoline.

Model : EESS0020L-VRTM 20L Vapor Retention Test Measure used in combination with E810030-VRSF Vapor Retention Short Funnel S/S or E80490-VRLF Vapor Retention Long Funnel S/S

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