Special J 5 Gallon or 20 Liter Vapor Retention Provers

The Seraphin® VRP® 5 Gallon Vapor Retention Prover is a graduated neck, bottom drain vessel built to N.I.S.T. Handbook 105-3 Standards, OIML R-120, Measurement Canada and API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 4. Using Seraphin’s ® 5 Gallon VRP® can speed the job of calibrating multiple fuel dispensing units, while at the same time, enhancing safety and productivity. It eliminates the need to carry heavy measures filled with fuel, while tripling the amount of meters tested as compared to the traditional hand held units.

The VRP® has a cap mounted on its neck that creates a seal around the dispenser nozzle as the prover is filled and drained. A vent line is fitted from the top of the prover to the product holding tank on which the prover is mounted. The neck is sealed with a flapper and boot to prevent evaporation and retain saturated air during the drain-fill cycle. The volume standard, holding tank and vent line configuration is such that when the prover is drained, the air in the storage tank, which is saturated with gasoline vapor, is drawn through the vent line into the prover, thereby maintaining a saturated environment within the prover. The VRP® is available with two different ball joints: a Flanged Ball Joint that is bolted to a tank and a Commercial Ball Joint that uses a 2 inch NPT pipe for those companies who wish to build their own holding tank configurations.

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Note: Minimum order amount of $75.00.