Item #298923c81900 — Trailer Mounted Volumetric Calibration Unit


The Proven Prover, since 1915

The Proven Solution for high volume flow calibration

Seraphin’s Trailer Mounted Volumetric Calibration Units Simplify the calibration of high speed fuel dispensers and other high volume flow applications. Whether you operate truck stops, bulk terminals, tank trucks or other liquid custody transfer systems, Seraphin’s trailer mounted provers offer a cost-effective means to ensure the accuracy of your metering equipment. Built to order, the units are available in any size up to 1500 gallons or 5000 liters in US or metric unit.

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Product Specifications

Prover Capacity 1500 gal
5000 L
Seraphin's Trailer Mounted Units offer these Benefits
  • Highly mobile trailers increase productivity in calibration and testing of high speed metering applications.
  • On-board pump-off system simplifies and speeds draining of prover.
  • Decades of experience enables fast delivery and the lowest total cost on customer-specified designs.
  • Heavy duty design and construction for long life and easy low cost maintenance.
Note: Minimum order amount of $75.00.