Seraphin Test Measure Resource Materials

The Global Community

The current trend in legal metrology is to foster uniformed liquid measurement worldwide. Universal standards or harmonized measurement is the current goal of the global community. Worldwide corporations, governments and individuals need a common liquid measurement system for goods and services for equity in trade among themselves. The goal of these organizations to set international guidelines is progressing steadily.

As a global measurement system becomes closer to reality Seraphin® is working with regulatory institutions, laboratories, importers, distributors, representatives, and resellers throughout the world. Our agents are located within the USA, Canada, Middle America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Global liquid measurement has become more uniform. Seraphin® ships Test Measures, Provers, LPG units, Waterdraw Systems and Mobile Units throughout the world, in various units of measure including English Measurement (gallons and cubic inches), Metric Measurement (liters and decimeters), and Imperial Measurement.