About Us

Consider all the ways to gauge the performance of a company: the quality of its products, the attentiveness of its service and reputation in the business community.

But go even deeper. Ask yourself if the company remains faithful to the core values that made it successful. At the core Seraphin® has an unshakable belief in engineering excellence. It’s the thread that enables us to compete successfully in the global marketplace.

Seraphin® Test Measure was founded in 1915 and has been the leader in the calibrated measures and provers community. Responding to the needs of industry and government, Seraphin® sets the standard against which all others are measured.

In 1972, Seraphin® became a division of Pemberton Fabricators, Inc., a subsidiary of Indel, Inc. Seraphin® has become larger and stronger with a large pool of designers, engineers, skilled craftsmen and certified welders that are knowledgeable in sheet metal, trucks and trailers. Seraphin holds an A.S.M.E Section VlII, Division 1 Code Stamp.

In January of 1990, Seraphin® acquired the measures division of Ellisco.

Seraphin® has developed a dialogue, working and communicating with government, private inspectors and industry. By exchanging ideas and generating feedback from commissioners, managers and workers, we are striving to improve our measures and provers to meet customer satisfaction… and this process never ends.

Following the guidelines set forth in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 105-3, International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) R-120, Measurement Canada and in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Code 1101, our provers and associated equipment are approved for City, County, Local, State, Federal and Bureaus of Weights and Measures. We furnish equipment to the Branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Food, Petroleum and any industry associated with liquid volume as well as to International concerns.

Seraphin® offers calibration units manufactured of stainless steel, thus their life expectancy is virtually unlimited. The maintenance and repair costs are kept at a fraction of the cost of new units and repairs are easily made with our standard tooling.

At Seraphin® we are proud that our measures and provers are used to protect both the consumer and industry from both fraud and honest mistakes and provide mutual transfer equity related to liquid transactions.