Item #EMSS0005G — Seraphin Series “M” Prover – 5 gal


Seraphin® High Sensitivity Neck Provers are calibrated by NVLAP laboratory facilities in order to guarantee the least uncertainty for your liquid measuring calculations.

High resolution test measures and provers are designed with a small diameter neck and are used to achieve a grater neck volume resolution. High sensitivity equipment is typically used in a standards laboratory setting but may also be used in field settings. Seraphin® High sensitivity Neck Provers are the de facto industry standard for waterdraw calibration of displacement type provers.

Built to NIST Handbook 105-3, Measurement Canada, and OIML R-120 specifications, Seraphin® Provers Provide an accurate and repeatable standard to calibrate liquid meters, and Provers. A high resolution stainless steel standard has a narrow neck and whose accuracy and uncertainty has been determined by gravimetric calibration in relation to traceable working mass standards or whose accuracy and uncertainty has been determined volumetrically in relation to high resolution standard tested gravimetrically.

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Product Specifications

Diameter 11 in
Drain 1.5 in
  • Built to NIST Handbook 105-3 Standards, OIML R-120 and Manual of Petroleum Measurement Chapter 4
  • Manufactured of Series 300 Stainless Steel
  • Calibration By Certified NVLAP Laboratory and Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Graduated High Sensitivity Neck
  • Reinforcing bands to prevent distortion of prover when full with liquid and when being transported
  • Bottom Drain
  • Two spirit levels are used as level indicators
  • Two Lifting Loops are attached to top band of prover
  • Three adjustable feet for leveling
Height 39 in
Material 300 Stainless Steel
Note Standard Material, Stainless Steel, Brushed finish. Standard sizes shown, Custom Sizes on Request.
Dimensions are for reference only and may vary depending on application.
Custom Capacities Available
Resolution 0.25 in³
Standards NIST Handbook 105-3 Standards, OIML R-120 and Manual of Petroleum Measurement Chapter 4
Volume 5 gal
Weight 55 lbs
Note: Minimum order amount of $75.00.