Item #EFSS0001G — Seraphin® Series F Liquid Graduate Cylinder – 1 gal

These extremely accurate graduates are indispensable to inspectors in the plant, the field and wherever precise liquid measurement is essential. Many are in use in the chemical, drug, food and petroleum industries for a variety of applications

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Product Specifications

Base Diameter 6 in
Diameter 4 in
Height 22 in
Stainless Steel
300 Stainless Steel
Borosilicate Gauge Glass

The Series F Liquid Graduate is not built to NIST 105-3. Due to the large diameter required for continuous scale readings the acceptable tolerance exceeds 0.02% and therefore is not acceptable for legal metrology.
Standard Material 300 Series Stainless Steel,brushed finish.Standard sizes are shown,Custom sizes on request.

Prover Capacity 30 in³
Resolution 1 in³
Volume1 gal
Note: Minimum order amount of $75.00.