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         The Seraphin® Series J is a graduated neck, bottom drain vessel built to N.I.S.T. Handbook 105-3 Standards, OIML R-120, Measurement Canada and API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 4. The Series J prover, when mounted on a skid becomes an efficient method for measuring home heating oil, diesel oil or other meters requiring a medium flow rates from 40 gpm (150 lpm) to 1000 gpm (500 lpm).

    • Built to NIST Handbook 105-3 Standards, OIML R-120 and API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Chapter 4
    • Manufactured of Series 304 Stainless Steel, which resists ordinary rusting, can be easily cleaned, resists organic chemicals, no slag and requires no internal coating. Series 316 stainless steel is available upon request
    • Factory Calibration By Standards Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • Graduated Neck with scale that is sealed
    • A butterfly valve is standard with the drain at the center point. This is the most versatile unit for use in the field whether emptying into tank, using a pump or gravity discharge. A ball valve is optional. It is used mostly in laboratory applications or where special application exists. The drain would then proceed at a 7 degree decline with the ball valve near the perimeter of the prover
    • Reinforcing bands to prevent distortion of prover when full with liquid and when being transported
    • Two spirit levels with seals are used as level indicators for provers more than 18” diameter, otherwise a circular bulls- eye level is installed.
    • Two Lifting Loops are attached to top band of prover
    • Standard capacities are available from 5 Gallon/20 Liter to 1500 Gallon / 5000 Liter. Call for special volumes.
    • All Stainless Steel Provers
    • Steel or Aluminum skid
    • Three Bolt down - Adjustable Crank Legs to level prover (up to 150 Gallons)
    • Three Bolt Down Legs - Skid or Trailer needs to level prover (200 Gallon to 1500 Gallon)
    • Stainless Steel hinged locking cover for top of neck
    • Another cover is extended to protect the Gauge Glass from accidental breakage and can be secured with a lock for safety.
    • Sight flow indicator for observing fluid flow downstream of the shut-off valve.

  • Trailer Mounted Volumetric Calibration Unit

    The Proven Prover, since 1915

    The Proven Solution for high volume flow calibration

    Seraphin's Trailer Mounted Volumetric Calibration Units Simplify the calibration of high speed fuel dispensers and other high volume flow applications. Whether you operate truck stops, bulk terminals, tank trucks or other liquid custody transfer systems, Seraphin's trailer mounted provers offer a cost-effective means to ensure the accuracy of your metering equipment. Built to order, the units are available in any size up to 1500 gallons or 5000 liters in US or metric unit.

  • EWD-201-AL-V