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Here you will find repair kits for Test measures

Unit of Measure
E80181 E80500
Repair Kit for EESS005GB/ EESS0020LB (E3 5-Gallon/20 Liter) 8.5" gauge tube
E80181 E80083
Repair Kit for FS-282-5D/FS-282-20L (5-Gallon/20 Liter “long neck”) 8" gauge tube
E80181 E80181
Repair Kit for EESS005G/ EESS0020L (short neck 5-Gallon and the Stainless Steel) 7.25" gauge tube
E80181 E80182
Repair Kit for EESS005GA/ FS-282-5D2 (5-Gallon and the Stainless Steel) 6.875" gauge tubes
5GLASS E80278
Gauge Glass Kit (Set of 5) for EESS0005G 7.25" tube
5GLASS E80279
Gauge Glass Kit (Set of 5) for Series E2/FS 5D2 6.875" tube
5GLASS E80280
Gauge Glass Kit (Set of 5) for FS-282-5D 8" tube
5GLASS E80501
Gauge Glass Kit (Set of 5, E3 5-Gallon/20 Liter) for E3 8.5" gauge tubes
Image E80135
Grip, Rubber for Test Measure Handle
E300800 E300800
Yellow Plastic Cap 4" (5) Per Set
E300900 E300900
Red Plastic Cap 3" (5) Per Set
E300901 E300901
Yellow Plastic Cap 2" (5) Per Set
Meniscus Reader 7X3
Image E300401
Meniscus Reader 5X4
E80095 E80095
GLASS 3/4"OD X 1/2"ID X 6 7/8"
EE200061 EE200061
GLASS 3/4"OD X 1/2"ID X 8-1/2"
Unit of Measure